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Before submitting your application, please read our T&Cs, Refund Policy, and FAQs. The information we provide is a guide only, so please ensure you are aware of and comply with all relevant and current requirements, laws, and legislations.

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We welcome applications from all businesses; however, please note that at our vegan food and lifestyle market, only 100% vegan offerings are permitted. Please note that when accepting vendor applications we will prioritize businesses that exclusively offer 100% vegan products in their general operations.

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As a free added bonus, we are offering vendors the opportunity to be featured on our website. This feature allows vendors to gain exposure and showcase their business to our audience. To be featured, vendors are invited to submit the below information. Additionally, vendors can provide their website URL for interested visitors to learn more. As an optional interactive element, vendors can also contribute a recipe, top tip, how-to guide, or share their favorite song of all time or of the month. This exciting opportunity creates a dynamic and engaging experience for both vendors and visitors to our website, fostering a sense of community and providing valuable exposure for businesses.

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The vendor fees for our event series is:

  • 10x10 space $50+ 10% of sales per event

  • 10x16 space $100+ 10% of sales per event

These fees are subject to change


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