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This entire project is one that was founded on the idea of building a community. Along with everyone that attends our events, our volunteers are treated as family. We recognize how important every role that plays a part in this amazing market, and that without each one of YOU, this wouldn't be possible.


Here, you will find a range of resources, including training materials, guidelines, and helpful tips to enhance your volunteering experience. We believe that by equipping you with the right tools and knowledge, we can work together seamlessly to make each market day a resounding success. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to being a part of our Good Good Fam. Let's come together, make a positive impact, and create lasting memories! ✨💛🤩

  • Event Setup and Tear-Down

    Assist with the setup and tear-down of market booths, signage, and equipment. Help create an inviting atmosphere for vendors and attendees.

    Assisting Our Awesome Vendors

    Support vendors by helping them set up/break down their stalls, restocking supplies, or providing relief breaks. Ensure a smooth and seamless operation for our vendors.

    Parking and Traffic Management

    Help guide vendors to designated loading/unloading & parking areas, manage traffic flow, and ensure a safe and organized parking experience.

    Crowd Management: Smooth Sailing Ahead

    Help ensure a smooth flow of visitors by managing crowd congestion, directing traffic, and guiding people to different areas of the market. Let's keep the energy high and the pathways clear for everyone to enjoy.

    Spreading the Market Love

    Help attendees with any basic questions or concerns they may have. This includes everything from pointing them to where the nearest restroom is to questions about when the next event may be. However, we must clarify that this does not include giving them a ride to the airport because they had too much fun at the market, lost track of time, and are going to be late for their flight. We need you here on-site.

    Social Media Ambassador

    As a Social Media Ambassador, you have the flexibility to choose between two exciting roles. Option one is to capture and share captivating moments from our market on various social media platforms, bringing the market experience to life for our followers. Option two is to curate and create a week's worth of engaging content using the photos and videos captured at our markets, shaping our Instagram feed with your creative touch. Whether you're a skilled photographer, a master storyteller, or simply passionate about connecting with people online, there's a role for you.

    Keep the Party Tidy

    Making sure the event space stays tidy is crucial. We will have marked bins for recycling and trash, and we want to leave the best better than we found it.

    Miscellaneous Tasks: Jack/Jill of All Trades

    Be willing to take on various tasks as needed, such as assisting with parking, handling lost and found items, providing first aid assistance if trained, or any other ad hoc duties that may arise during the market. Flexibility is the name of the game, and your adaptability will help us create an incredible event for all.

    Promotion and Outreach: Let's Get the Word Out!

    Assist with distributing promotional materials, such as flyers and brochures, in the local community. Help spread the word about the market through social media, online platforms, and local event listings. Let's ignite excitement and attract even more people to experience the wonders of our vegan farmers market.

    These volunteer roles are flexible, and you can choose the one that aligns best with your interests and availability. As a Good Good Fam volunteer, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to an exciting event while connecting with like-minded individuals passionate about supporting local businesses and creating a vibrant community.

    Please note that specific responsibilities and tasks may vary for each volunteer role. During the application process, we will discuss your preferences and assign you to a suitable role based on availability and skill set.

    Thank you for considering becoming a part of the Good Good Fam! Together, we can make each market day a memorable experience for vendors, attendees, and our entire community

  • Embracing Our Values

    You do not have to be vegan to apply to be a vendor, but we do ask that you respect our values as a community built around veganism. We want to spread the message of veganism, which is why you don't have to be vegan to be a volunteer. We hope you can learn something from the community while giving your efforts. An open and respectful dialogue for vegan and non-vegan vendors alike is encouraged.

  • Dressing for the Occasion

    For day markets, bring sunscreen and wear appropriate clothing to protect yourself from the sun. Let's keep our volunteers sunburn-free and stylish!

    For night markets, bring your boogie pants! Let's groove to the music and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

    All Volunteers will be provided with a Good Good Fam shirt that is to be returned at the end of each market. We will then wash and reuse these shirts for the next markets! This is to ensure only people who have been actively volunteering are able to access our Good Good Fam Perks on the day of the market. 

  • What you'll receive

    • Exclusive deals from vendors

    • Access to exclusive discounted/free TGGM merchandise

    • A TGGM branded volunteer shirt for the day

    • Training for the role

    • Networking opportunities with like-minded individuals

    • Free access to attendees' dogs for petting (with consent)

  • coming soon.

  • coming soon.

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